Donating to us means donating to your local community

The services Eco Communities provides to its South East London communities relies heavily on donations of all kinds - in particular, the donation of effort and time of our volunteers. Do you like what we do and are looking for a way to contribute? There are ways in which you can support your community through Eco Communities.

Donate Money

Monthly or one off money donations help pay for volunteer expenses for a day, resources to run a children's craft activity in the library, new shelving and furniture for the building and much more.

Donate Books

Your donated books become stock in our Eco Com Bookshops, whose proceeds go towards keeping Eco Com Libraries open. You can buy them, too!

Donate Computers

Your donated computers and laptops get fully refurbished and are then available for sale for affordable prices for community members who may otherwise not have been able to afford a computer.

Donate Volunteer Time

Volunteers are the central plinth upon which Eco Community stands and there are many ways in which you can be involved as a volunteer donating your time and efforts.

Get rewarded for Donating

Sign up with Eco Perks to get points for your donations and use those within Eco Communities in exchange for books, cafe deliciousness and more!