Donate computers – give your computer a new life

By donating your old computer or laptop to Eco Computers you make the choice to avoid landfill and provide local community members who otherwise would not have been able to afford a computer of their own with the possibility to do so! This often includes older members of the community as well as those who come into the library to use the public computers to do their job search. 

All proceeds made through the sales of the computers and laptops you donate gets used for the upkeep of your local Eco Community Library.

Wiped computer guarantee

Each computer and laptop gets fully wiped and refurbished by experts and trained volunteers.

If you wish you may request a certificate for the wiping process for a small fee, usually £5 at the time of donation. Please directly request one at the time of donation as your details need to be taken down by a staff member.

Donating computers is easy

All you have to do is find your nearest Eco Community Library and their respective opening times and bring in your computer! Simply approach a member of staff or volunteer and let them know that you have a computer to donate. They will direct you to a place within the library where you can place the computer, note down and log what has been donated, and if applicable, take your Eco Perks Member Number to pass on to the Eco Perks manager who will then reward you with points.

Get rewarded for your computer

Don't forget to sign up to Eco Perks online before you come in, bring your Member Number and earn points for the computer you donate (check Eco Perks to find out about the points system).

You can "spend" the points anywhere within Eco Communities: get books from the Eco Communities Bookshop, relax with a cuppa from the Eco Communities Cafe and much more.