Donate volunteer time – we look forward to meeting you

We’re always looking for volunteers to get involved help keep Eco Community Libraries open. Everyone is welcome and appreciated, whatever interests, skill level and time you have available. By volunteering with us you can develop your skills, meet new people, network with other volunteers and contribute to your local community.

Support and training

We’ll give you support and training for whatever aspects of the role of volunteering at Crofton Park Community Library you might be interested in. This may involve shadowing or an occasional training session or just talking through what’s involved. 

The next step

If you’re interested, come into the library (Where are we? Here.) and ask to fill out a volunteer’s application form. The form will also include your availability and two references (these do not necessarily have to be work based references). Once completed the library manager will sit down with you to discuss the possibilities.  

Get rewarded for your time

Once you are a volunteer you will have the opportunity to get points for the time you spent volunteering for Eco Communities by signing up to Eco Perks and requesting that your library manager passes your hours on to the Eco Perks manager at the end of each month.

You can "spend" the points anywhere within Eco Communities: get books from the Eco Communities Bookshop, relax with a cuppa from the Eco Communities Cafe and much more.