Eco Communities

Eco Communities is one of the fastest growing social enterprises in the UK. We focus on communities, culture and the environment. All money made through Eco Community Organisations gets reinvested into community projects, especially keeping open local community libraries (Eco Library) which would otherwise have been closed down, and offering trainee schemes for low income individuals and families (Eco Learning).

What Eco Library provides

Eco Library provides spaces for a broad variety of individuals to have access to free internet and books as well as events and activities. Whether it's someone between jobs searching for work online, families enjoying drawing classes, readings or sing-along events, students needing a place to concentrate on their studies, people reminiscing over a cup of coffee or learning IT, our Eco Community run libraries provide the communities with resources and spaces that would otherwise not exist.

Our impact on the local communities

We have 120 local volunteers from a variety of backgrounds working across five sites, which helps many get back into work or set up their own businesses. Over 1000 computers have been donated to seniors and low income families. Every evening a community radio station broadcasts from the library, over 100 babies come in for "baby bounce" every week, and tens of thousand of books are issued and enjoyed - all because we have been able to keep the libraries open for over 3000 hours every month.