Eco Communities and its Organisations

Eco Communities is one of the fastest growing social enterprises in the UK. We focus on communities, culture and the environment. All money made through Eco Community Organisations gets reinvested into community projects, especially keeping open local community libraries (Eco Library) which would otherwise have been closed down, and offering trainee schemes for low income individuals and families (Eco Learning).

What Eco Library provides

Eco Library provides spaces for a broad variety of individuals to have access to free internet and books as well as events and activities. Whether it's someone between jobs searching for work online, families enjoying drawing classes, readings or sing-along events, students needing a place to concentrate on their studies, people reminiscing over a cup of coffee or learning IT, our Eco Community run libraries provide the communities with resources and spaces that would otherwise not exist.

Our impact on the local communities

We have 120 local volunteers from a variety of backgrounds working across five sites, which helps many get back into work or set up their own businesses. Over 1000 computers have been donated to seniors and low income families. Every evening a community radio station broadcasts from the library, over 100 babies come in for "baby bounce" every week, and tens of thousand of books are issued and enjoyed - all because we have been able to keep the libraries open for over 3000 hours every month.


Structure of Eco Communities Group

We often get asked how Eco Communities works. The quick answer is: all proceeds go towards the local community. The complex answer requires a diagram.

Eco Communities is a social enterprise group which aims to further local community, education and preserving the environment.

Eco Communities implements this aim concretely by managing and providing community services in Eco Spaces venues located in South East London Lewisham and Bexley. Eco Spaces venues are buildings which are and have been used for community purposes that would otherwise have been closed down. 

Eco Spaces as an Eco Organisation focuses on rental of all Eco Space venues for commercial, private, and especially community regular and one off events. 

Most of these Eco Spaces venues include libraries. This part of the Eco Spaces venues is Eco Library, which focuses on library services provided by volunteers but whose stock and lending system is managed and provided by the local library services of Lewisham and Bexley. 

The Eco Spaces venues which are not libraries are still community spaces in some capacity and fall under the general Eco Spaces umbrella, often used for Eco Learning training courses and soon to include Eco Services, both of which also often take place in Eco Library venues. 

Eco Learning is a charity which provides training for people of low income backgrounds, especially those trying to get (back) into the job market and is registered separate from Eco Communities, hence the dotted line within the diagram. However, it is intrinsically interlinked with the rest of the Eco Communities organisations.

Within the Eco Spaces venues which include Eco Library you can also find Eco Cafe and Eco Bookshop, the latter includes Eco Computers

Eco Perks is a reward system which encourages community members to re-use and get involved by giving points for donations that can be spent an in Eco Spaces (community rental), Eco Cafe (on site prepared beverages), Eco Bookshop, and Eco Computers.

All proceeds made through Eco Spaces, Eco Learning, Eco Cafe, Eco Bookshop, Eco Computers, and Eco Services go towards keeping Eco Library services available for the local communities.


Social Media Accounts of Eco Community Organisations

Eco Communities cares about digital integration and being a one stop shop for support within the local community. In order to dedicate support to different needs you can find all the Eco Organisations and their respective social media listed below.

Eco Communities

Everything from all Eco Communities Organisations in one place.

Eco Spaces

There is always something happening in our libraries. Check out regular events!

Eco Learning

Want to get back into the Job Market? Add certified skills? Have a look here.

Eco Bookshop

Books are our passion. Find out what we have in stock and occasional shelfies.

Eco Library

Literature and Poetry, what more could you want? Get book quotes of the day here.

Eco Computers

We sell refurbished second hand laptops and love all things technology

Eco Cafe

All things coffee and snacks. Current foodie specials can be found here.

Eco Perks

We care about Re-Using and the Environment. DIY recycling projects are fun!

Eco Services

Small local business? Well priced services: printing, accounting, and web design.